Build homes.
Change lives.
Provide support.

We build accessible homes to meet the unique needs of our residents. We change lives by providing security and peace of mind to families. We support our residents’ health and quality of life with safe, happy, and stimulating environments.


About CARE

The ‘CARE’ in CARE Housing Society stands for Creating Accessible Residential Environments.

We are a non-profit organization that raises funds to purchase and maintain homes specifically for people with developmental disabilities. We are governed by a board of volunteer directors who are dedicated to supporting this at-risk group of people with stable, happy homes for their lifetimes.

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Our Supporters

We’ve been operating since 1991 and so many people, businesses, and organizations have helped us along the way. We’re grateful for the support we receive from our members and the community at large — everything you’ve done for us has empowered us to get to where we are today! It’s important to us to celebrate the people who support us with donations for silent auctions, volunteer time, in-kind donations, financial contributions, and other professional services.


Our Residents

The youth and adults who live in CARE homes need special care and support. Our residents are all unique — some are medically fragile with specific health concerns, while others need assistance integrating successfully into their communities. CARE homes provide customized support services for residents who have developmental disabilities so they can find as much independence as possible in happy, comfortable homes that meet their needs.


Our Homes

If you provide care for a child or an adult who has a disability, you’ve likely wondered what their future looks like. Sometimes, picturing their future life can be challenging, or even frightening. CARE homes are designed specifically for our residents’ needs. The special “things” in your home that you think the person in your care won’t be able to get elsewhere? We design and build homes to make sure our residents get those things! All of our residents and their families personalize their rooms to their tastes and needs — no two rooms are ever the same!


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What CARE Has Accomplished so far:



The CARE Housing Society has been operating since 1991!




With another on the way!



REsidents Happily Housed

We’re honoured that our residents choose to live in CARE homes!


Are you ready to get involved with CARE?

Our volunteer board is always working hard on a variety of fundraising initiatives and we could you use your help! Sometimes we are planning pub nights and galas or selling raffle tickets, and other times we are busy filling out grant applications. Our eyes and ears are always opens for opportunities that align well with CARE’s vision and values. Join us: become a member, volunteer, or make a donation.


Become a Member

Our annual membership fee is $5. All members are encouraged to attend our AGM on April 24th, 2019.

Volunteer opportunities

We are looking for volunteers to support our fundraising initiatives and help with communications tasks.

Make a Donation

You can support CARE by making a one-time or recurring personal or business donation.


Resources for Current and Potential CARE Families

Coming soon! Navigating the often mysterious paths of funding for youth and adults with developmental disabilities is not easy! We’re putting together a list of resources to help you find the information you need. Additionally, this resource section will have information for our current residents (like where to mail your rent cheques to in case you forget!).

Got a question?

We’re currently working on an FAQ page. For now, please send us your questions and we will answer them and work them into our FAQ page as well.